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Global Scale Consideration and Importance of Taking on Social Issues

On an integral scale our aim for this online Social Issues journal is to describe in concrete terms any social, economic, political or environmental problem that is at the forefront affecting the global community, possibly in a catastrophic way. Given this urgency the obvious solution is action towards resolving global issues and this requires intense vast awareness of impacts and the cooperation among nations, institutions, all peoples, NGOs and business in managing inequity particularly post pandemic.

Theories like the world-system theory and the Gaia hypothesis focus on the inter dependency aspect of environmental and economic issues. Among the most evident environmental problems are overpopulation, social injustice, economic disparity, toxification of air, water and food, resource depletion, pollution, corruption, greed, hazardous waste and disposal, ocean acidification, acid rain, ozone layer depletion, global warming/climate change, loss of biodiversity and habitat loss, deforestation, and urban sprawl.

No single issue can be isolated. For example, habitat loss and climate change adversely affect biodiversity. Deforestation and pollution are direct consequences of overpopulation and both, in turn, affect biodiversity. While overpopulation locally leads to rural flight, this is more than counterbalanced by accelerating urbanization and urban sprawl.

While the information we post is not meant to discourage our audience with 'doom news' and disparaging developments the goal is to encourage dialogue and have readers coming back to consider solutions.

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