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Social issues are sensitive topics that are heavily debated, may influence the outcome of an election or result in/relate to existing or proposed legislation.


For article submission we require increased authenticity and transparency and are debating whether to run social issue ads that seek to influence public opinion through discussion, debate or advocacy for or against our topics.

Message from Mike Ratner, Social Issues Publisher

War, crime, poverty, global warming—our world often seems full of dire warnings and predictions. How can we make sense of it all and still dare to step outside each day?


Social Issues is a new online resource that will explore some of the biggest challenges facing our world today and prepare possible ways to tackle them head-on. Our goal is to research what led to these social problems, what effects they have on our lives and societies, and what possible solutions exist for solving them. Whether you want to save the world from climate disaster or economic collapse or just want to better understand the effects of the media on society, this project can help you develop a plan of action.

I am passionate about making Social Issues a relevant & useful information resource.


In this debut, you will be introduced to big picture topics to tackle what social issues and societal problems are. Lets discuss what are our current social issues, some of the major elements of engagement and complexity along with the stages that social issues often go through. Lets also examine different types of social problems and some of the issues that researchers and society have in studying and understanding them.


Finally, lets investigate several different approaches to social problems and how these approaches guide the possible solutions that are considered for a social problem!

Michael Ratner, PhD

Site Editor/Publisher

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